Aurelia WAßer

I was born in Stuttgart in 1972 and have been fascinated by artistic expression since I was a child.

Art was the vehicle for me to express myself and to remain centered.

I consciously chose not to study at a normal art academy. At that time, I sensed that I would have my wings broken and then reassembled in a way that would serve the art market. I intuitively knew that this would not be the appropriate path for me.

Hence, I was mentored by two professors who encouraged my journey. A few years later, the artworks that were created THROUGH me made their way into the art market and were successfully exhibited and sold nationally and internationally at the major art fairs. In 2019 I left this “market” as it no longer felt in tune.

A very new avenue has since slowly but steadily opened up.

Since 2020, the artworks have unfolded even further into gateways leading to other dimensions. Knowledge and symbols, imparted through the spiritual world, find their way into matter via the artistic works. These paintings and sculptures, according to the spiritual world, hold energies that are to be freely accessible to human beings.

Through the works it is possible to experience wisdom, insight, initiation and healing. Energy spaces are created in which human beings can replenish themselves with these energies and find serenity.

These paintings and sculptures serve the greater good of all.

In 2021 the crystal singing bowls came to me along with the tones and the light chant. Ever since I have gradually discovered the symbiosis of art and sound, which my being is allowed to convey to this world.

This interplay opens up a space that holds very individual energies for anyone.

The journey continues.
With myself as a devotional practitioner and follower….