How it all began


In 2015, the vision of the Ambassadors of Light came to me.
I received images of sculptures that are not really tangible, not really material.
Sparkling, full of light, transparent.
Shapes that appear and then disappear again.
Shimmering like diamonds, crystal clear and full of energy.
Filled with this vision and full of gratitude over the gift of these images, I set out in search of a materiality that would be able to render this.

Providence led me to a medium-sized company near Stuttgart. It is specialised in the processing of acrylic glass.
Initially, not only the company was very sceptical when they heard about my request as an artist. ( They must have had quite a few experiences with our “species” in the past).
I had my reservations too, because in my mind acrylic glass as a material was equated with yellowing, cracks and fissures.

However, the technical manager of the company enlightened me about the material differences and told me about the very pure and high-quality acrylic glass.

I was still not completely convinced, so he suggested that I visit a fountain that is very close to this medium-sized company and has been defying all weather conditions for more than 20 years.
It is crafted from these high-quality acrylic glass blocks.
When I saw this fountain, the blocks sparkling crystal clear in the sunlight after all this time, I was persuaded to have found my material.

At that time I was unaware of the cost of acrylic glass in this pure quality.
When I was told the sum for a block of this size, it sat me down.

So many questions assailed me:
How am I going to finance this?
Am I a megalomaniac?
Is it worth it?
Can I trust my vision?

But whenever I shared the vision, which was so clear and striking, my whole body was covered with goosebumps and a deep inner yes, coupled with a power that transcended me, suffused me.

To be continued ūüĆü


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